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Play Outside Global Warming

Climate Change is Global Problem

The Climate is Changing

As the world continues to pump ozone reducing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the planet is warming. Among the major concerns for a warming planet is sea ice melting in the Arctic. This will raise sea levels and contribute to deadly coastal flooding.

While an older generation might shrug off these concerns, young people have grown up knowing that the planet they inhabit continues to deteriorate. They see an older generation largely unwilling to take the steps necessary to combat the problem they will inherit. This no doubt contributes to anxiety and depression in young people.

This interactive feature show the decrease in arctic ice, rise in sea level, increase in carbon dioxide, and temperature changes affecting the earth.

Raising Sea Levels

As global temperatures rise, arctic ice melts and increases sea levels. To illustrate this point, these two maps show what will happen to sea levels in Long Branch, NJ if the average global temperature rises to 2°C (Left) or 4°C (Right). As you can see, at 4°C rise in average temperature would increase inland flooding, with large portions of Monmouth University being underwater.