David Rogers

David Rogers

Graphic Designer

When I Was Your Age


Creative Brief: 
Design a marketing campaign focused on a global issue to raise awareness.

Poster Series

WIWYA Series

Software Used:
Photoshop, After Effects

Design Solution:
Children today are inundated by existential threats. This series explores the effects of climate change, school shootings, and pervasive media on children.

Using dramatic imagery paired with a colloquial saying directed by an older generation at a young one, I try to show how the danger and fear the current generation faces is being unfairly diminished.

For this series I used stock photography, masking, and blending to create imaginary scenes that are unfortunately all too real.

WIWYA Sketch

Awareness Video

We Had to Walk to School

WIWYA School Shootings

We Didn't Each Have Our Own Phone

WIWYA Media Exposure

We Used to Play Outside

WIWYA Climate Change