David Rogers

David Rogers

Graphic Designer

Strong Arm

Strong Arm

Creative Brief: 
Invent a product that solves a real world problem and develop a brand identity to support it.

Stationary Set

Strong Arm Stationary

Software Used:
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Design Solution:
In today’s fast paced world, everyone can use an extra hand. Strong Arm is a customizable wearable appendage concept I created to fill this need. 

After conception, I created a full branding package including logo and mascot, stationery set, instructional manual, packaging, and an ad campaign. For the logo type, red was chosen to denote energy and the font was selected and modified to signify stability and strength.

Strong Arm Sketch

Instruction Manual

Strong Arm Manual (Flat)

Advertisement Poster

Strong Arm Poster

Advertisement Poster

Strong Arm Poster - Woman

Magazine Ads

Strong Arm Magazine Ads