David Rogers

David Rogers

Graphic Designer



Creative Brief: 
Create a logofolio to explore appropriate logo design for a variety of client types.

Logofolio Sample Sheet

Shore Cycles

Creative Brief: 
Logo developed for a shore area bicycle shop. The versatile mark uses the minimal implication of a cyclist while also presenting a wave-like shape. The color version uses water and sand tones to reinforce the connection to the shore.

Shore Cycles Black and White
Shore Cycles Color
Shore Cycles Mockup


Creative Brief: 
Design a logo for a relocation service which transports people and their property to their new homes on the moon. The logo mark mixes the form of a rocket and a home, while playing with visual depth so that the base of the rocket serves as a front lawn of the house. The “N” in Lunar merges with the rocket shape to unify the text and imagery, reinforcing the complete service the company provides.

Lunar Mockup
Lunar Color
Lunar Black and White

Precision Optics

Creative Brief: 
Logo design for a modern optometrist office. The logo mark as a target illustrates the precise nature of the practice, while also resembling an eye.

Precision Optics Black and White
Precision Optics Color
Precision Optics Mockup

Sound Systems

Creative Brief: 
Logo design for an audio speaker manufacturer. The logo mark resembles an ear, while the colors invoke a vibrant experience.

Sound Systems Mockup
Sound Systems Color
Sound Systems Black and White

Helping Hearts

Creative Brief: 
Logo design for a non profit that helps impoverished children. The organic deconstructed shape resembles an adult’s arm embracing a child. The arm shape also implies a heart.

Helping Hearts Black and White
Helping Hearts Color
Helping Hearts Mockup

Brew Mountain Coffee

Creative Brief: 
Logo design for a coffee company. The inclusion of hand lettering merges the “M” and “N” in Mountain to the peaks of the logo mark. This reinforces the connection between the fresh crispness associated with mountains and the coffee.

Brew Mountain Coffee Mockup
Brew Mountain Coffee Color
Brew Mountain Coffee Black and White


Creative Brief: 
Create a logo for a value priced supermarket. The “M” logo has vertical lines which feel like the isles in a store, while the angled portion of the “M” form a check mark. The green color of the check denotes value for money.

Checkmart Black and White
Checkmart Color
Checkmart Mockup

Peterson Electric

Creative Brief: 
Logo created for an electrician service. The logo mark uses clean, straight lines that form a “P” in the negative space. The grid-like design resembles a segment of an electric circuit.

Peterson Electric Mockup
Peterson Electric Color
Peterson Electric Black and White