David Rogers

David Rogers

Graphic Designer



Creative Brief: 
Create a non profit organization and develop a consistent visual brand identity system and collateral deliverable.

FULMIND Stationery

Fulmind Stationery

Software Used:

Design Solution:
Mindful meditation has changed my moment-to-moment awareness, so it was a natural fit when I was tasked to create a brand identity system for an invented non-profit.

The identity and subsequent collateral were developed through brainstorming, competition research, user profiling, and careful consideration about messaging.

After developing the logo and brand system, an infographic explaining the benefits of mediation was created. I then designed and produced a promotion desktop zen garden kit as a fundraising event giveaway.

Fulmind Sketch

FULMIND Zen Garden Packaging

Zen Garden Side
Zen Garden Top

FULMIND Brand Identity Guide

Fulmind Brand Guide

FULMIND Infographic

Fulmind Infographic